No other cooking system offers the same high level of
design andflexibility when it comes to preparing cuisine
before diners’ very own eyes.Regardless of whether you choose
a stationary counter or a mobile buffet solution, the varithek® system
can be adapted quickly and easily to whatever your needs may be. A particular
feature is the acs module with integrated air extraction for odourless cooking.

thermoplates® – the operating system for the whole kitchen:store, prepare, cook,
grill, simmer, portion and serve from onereceptacle.

The varithek® appliance system, in combination with
thermoplates®, provides the perfect opportunity to finish
and serve prepared dishes right in front of the guest, à la minute.

The airclean3d® suctions off greasy, soiled air from right
behind the hob, cleans it in its interior and then releases it
back into the room, grease-free and odourless, via the base of the units.

-Splash guard (surcharge applies) glass front side.
-Stainless steel attachment on left and right, with cut-outs, with GN bowls.
-varithek® elements.
-thermoplates® – The cookware in GN format.

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