Single Tank High-Volume Rack Conveyor Dishwasher - STR
The STR 110 single tank rack conveyor dishwasher delivers the
power you need at busy times, and saves energy when
it’s quiet. With automatic zone activation and variable speed,
the STR 110 conveyor system adapts to the quantity of dishes you
are washing and provides flexible washing capacity.

-Top quality cleaning results are guaranteed by the
  perfectly coordinated combination of a powerful pump,
 five upper and three lower wash arms, optimum water
 distribution and jets positioned for total coverage.
-With two conveyor speeds the STR 110 can adapt to
 variable quantities of dishes and to their degree of soiling.
-The option of reducing the rinse temperature to 65° C
 significantly increases your glassware’s service life
  (optional extra).
-Thanks to its rack-activated zones, the STR 110 adapts to
 changing volumes automatically which reduces operating
-The clear, colour-coded display prevents operating errors.
  The wash arms can be removed individually and the filters
 are easily accessible. This saves time and money.
-The smooth interior door surface and the deep-drawn tank
 with rounded corners provide no place for dirt and
 deposits to hide.
-The machine interior is automatically cleaned at the end
 of each working day. The advanced tank and drain design,
 combined with the integrated drain pump, ensures that
 the tank is completely emptied of water.

-Energy heat recovery unit.

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