Reach-in Blast Chiller Freezers
-Designed to blast chill the full capacity from +70°C to +3°C
 in 90 mins or +70°C to -18°C in 240mins.
-Choice of models to accommodate 10 to 50kg on 1/1
 gastronorm containers (530x325mm) with compact
-430 stainless steel exterior and 304 stainless interior
 with removable racking and tray slides for hygiene and
-Easy to use, 1-2-3 state of the art control panel – 3 simple
 steps to initiate blast cycle.
-Choice of hard or soft chill options or core food
 temperature probe controlled cycles with audible alarm
 indicating end of cycle.
-Automatic defrost at the end of every blast cycle or every
 6 hours.
-Automatically switches to storage mode at 3°C or -18°C at
 the end of each cycle.
-Unique advanced airflow design for even chilling of
 product load throughout cabinet.
-Self closing doors with easy to clean and magnetic balloon
-Heavy duty front and rear swivel and brake castors for easy
 mobility and stability.
-Environmentally friendly 75mm ODP Zero polyurethane
 foam injected insulation.
-Easy to access refrigeration system for servicing and
-Designed for effective and efficient performance in 43°C
-Designed and built to ISO9001-2000 Quality Management
-HACCP compliant.

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