Kwik Boil
-On tap boiling water.
-Wall mounted.
-Stainless Steel Tank.
-Fully Automatic Advanced electronic controls.
-Safe, Hygienic and Energy Efficient.
-Steam Free and convenient.

Electrical Requirements:
-Full product range operates at 230 Volts AC, 50Hz, Single
 Phase Electricity.
-Concealed plumbing available on all units
-A flexible 2 metre electrical cord complete with 3 pin plugs
 supplied on all models. Do not loosen the cord grip or
 pull excess cord into the Kwikboil. If the supply cord of the
 unit is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified service

Water Quality:
-Caution is suggested if the Boiling Water Unit is to be
 connected to a water supply with a high content of silica or
 calcium. Water supplies of this nature may be detrimental
 to the unit’s operation and may cause the warranty to
 become void.

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