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Heavy duty Induction Cook Top HMC21006 - 400
-Counter-top or work table mounted classic modular
 design with stainless steel housing, heavy duty electronic components,
 and high-impact thick glass ceramic top
-Each induction hob has its own separate controls for
 independent operation and functionality.
-Control knobs with 10 power cook settings for familiarity and ease of use.
-Pan Maximizer feature achieves maximum heating of any induction compatible pan.
-Microprocessor monitors vital components 120 times
 per second to check for overheating, power supply
 problems, and more. Hob shuts off without affecting
 use of the other hobs, and displays error codes
 enabling user to diagnose and correct minor problems.
-Each induction hob is 3500 watts (maximum output),
 equivalent to 6 x 31,000 BTU - total 21,000 watts,
 equivalent to 186,000 BTU
-LED bar graph display for precise user feedback
-Integral grease filter to ensure cleaner and cooler air intake.
-Internal cooling fans keep internal electronics cool.
-Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy
 transmission to pan, and almost no energy consumption when pan is not present.
-Automatic shut-off feature prohibits overheating.
-Easy to clean high-impact glass-ceramic top surface.
-Adjustable foot height range of 6-8” (15.24-20.32cm).

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