Drop In Induction Wok MWDG-3500
-Drop-in countertop design with Stainless steel top,
 aluminum housing and control box, heavy duty
 electronic components, and specially engineered,
 high-impact, high-temperature, recessed glass wok
 bowl designed for use in commercial kitchens.
-Induction coil surrounds glass bowl to allow for
 maximum heating of induction compatible wok pans.
-Control knob for ease of use and automatic power
-SmarTemp temperature allows for 20 power cook
-Pan Maximizer feature achieves maximum heating
 rate of induction compatible wok pan.
-Microprocessor monitors vital components 120
 times per second to check for overheating, power
 supply problems, and more. Cooktop shuts off and
 displays error codes enabling user to diagnose and
 fix minor problems.
-LED display for precise user feedback.
-Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy
 transmission to pan, and no energy use when pan is
 not present.
-Automatic shut-off feature prohibits overheating.
-Drop-in cooktops and control boxes engineered
 and designed for easy installation.
-Easy-to-clean glass bowl.
-Integral cooling fan keeps internal electronics cool.

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