650 Watt Under Countertop Incogneeto Induction Buffet MB062-U
Under counter-top design, aluminum housing, heavy
duty energy efficient electronics, and polycarbonate top.
Mounts to underside of counter-top on fixed position
track system - 18.4” (468mm) supplied. Additional 4’
(1.2m) lengths of track available as an accessory to
allow for re-positioning of the units under counter.
Units require CookTek Magneeto™ 2 trivet (patent
pending) - included with each unit - and standard
induction compatible chafing dishes. Magneeto™ 2
acts as a temperature sensor, communicator, and
locator device which allows heating of induction
compatible dishes through standard counter-top.
Units compatible with 3/4” or 1 1/4” (20 or 30mm)
thick standard granite countertops: call or see
website for additional approved materials.
Incogneeto™ is intended to be used only with
induction compatible round serving pans with a base
diameter of between 7” and 12” (17.8 and 30.5cm).
Larger pans may interfere with the wireless
communication between the unit and the
Magneeto™ 2 device. Smaller pans either may not
touch the temperature sensor (leading to
overheating), or may be too small to be detected and
not heat at all. Pans should also have a stabilizing
foot, or be of reasonable mass (e.g. cast iron) to
prevent excessive slipping on the Magneeto™ 2 disk.
Temperature selected via control panel, or
Magneeto™ 2 can be programmed via keypad to
preset a temperature for automatic control.
Red LED display for precise user feedback and control
Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy
transmission to pan, and almost no energy
consumption when pan is not present.
Lock feature prevents unwanted setting changes
Availble in 650 watts (200-240VAC - five units per 15
amp circuit)

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