1.5 HP Model SS - 150
-Food waste disposers are compact and unobtrusively fit
neatly next to the sink. It is easy to install either in a new or
existing kitchen.
-While improving on quality in the kitchen, it is also good
to know that you are making a positive contribution to
your environment. Not only does it reduce the amount
of waste that ends up in a land-fill, but the waste can also
be recycled into a soil conditioner at the water treatment
-Cleanliness: Food waste is messy, wet, and leaks. Disposers
eliminate the need to treat food scraps separately before
disposal. In seconds, they are out of the kitchen leaving
fewer pests and odours. The kitchen becomes a more
pleasant environment.
-Less volume of garbage to remove: Studies show that
between 25 and 50% of the volume of kitchen garbage is
food waste. Food waste disposers eliminate messy kitchen
garbage and dripping trash bags that dirty kitchen floors
and passages. No scraps, no smells, no attraction for
insects. All at the touch of a button!
-Waste disposers are built to rigorous standards on
electrical and appliances. Contrary to what some may
think, they do not have knives or blades...an assumed
cause of safety concern.
-The food waste disposer is designed to be maintenancefree.
Regular usage and a moderate stream of cold water
following each use will keep your disposer clean.

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