Futura Gravity Feed BSFGL
-Reduces the space needed on the counter, while still
 guaranteeing maximum slicing capacity.
-Thanks to the use of leading edge design techniques,
 cleaning and sanitizing are quick and easy.
-Full compliance with health and hygiene regulations.
-The design also gives the products in the Futura range an
 innovative and elegant style.
-The Futura slicer is designed, tested and manufactured to
 ensure high performance, efficiency, durability and value
 over time.
-Highly resistant to the aggressive action of salts, fats and
 the natural acidity of cured meats.
-The sharpener unit (easy to shift from the idle position
 to the working position and vice versa) is controlled by a
 single lever for sharpening and honing.
-Particular care has been taken over the aluminium
 anodisation process, the knife sharpener is fully integrated
 and the switches are certified IP 65 for protection against
-The motor-transmission unit has been designed
 to guarantee quietness, no vibration and minimal
-The blade has been designed with a new shape for
 improved slicing performance and to reduce wastage and
 friction with the foodstuffs and wastage.

-Teflon coated

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