Berkel 1898 Traditional Flywheel Slicer Model B3
-The slicer B3 is carefully made with passion by a fully
hand-made manufacturing process, which
is proudly aquired over time and very few people are
able to follow nowadays.
-Every unit is a unique piece and requires a very long
time to be hand-crafted.
-The B3 is the ideal slicer for elegant restaurants,for
collectors and anyone who loves good taste and
genuine flavours.
-In addition to the classic Berkel Red colour,
customers can choose other colours: classic
creme , black or any other desired colour for
complete personalization. It is even possible to add a
personalized brass plate on the machine: this would
identify your slicer as a real unique piece.
-A slicer stand is available as option for all versions.

-Teflon coated

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