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Flashpak Thermal Delivery System PTDS200
-Initial charge of 5 minutes or less. Recharges in 90
 seconds (avg.)
-No-leak, solid-to-solid phase change material keeps
  pizzas hot for up to a 45 minute delivery.
-Light weight pellet and bag at 1.7kg.
-Extremely easy to implement with no pellet cord, no
 maintenance and no extra labour steps.
-Extremely easy to implement with no delivery bag
 cord, no maintenance, and no extra labor steps.
-Charger does not emit any heat on the locator
-Charger performs self-diagnostic features and alerts
 user in the event of an error.
-User-friendly membrane panel and lighted displays
 are easy to understand and operate.
-Charger manufactured and designed to handle
 exposure to flour, dust, oil, grease and various other
 food substances found in food establishments.
-Charger unit manufactured and designed to operate
 on a standard countertop or “ dropped-in” to a
 custom shelving unit.
-Charger operates on a single phase, 8A, 240V dedicated
-Three year limited warranty on the charger only.

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