Winterhalter Dishwashing Pass Through Machine GS 502
Winterhalter GS 502 dishwasher leaves nothing to chance.
From it’s 100% hygienic, double-skinned machine anatomy and
systematic wash water filtration to the outstanding washing power
of it’s collision wash jets – this machine is made to deliver optimal
cleaning results.

-Self explanatory one-button operation with colour coding.
-A temperature and hygiene check is possible at all times
via the operating display.
-Integrated error management: indicates faults via auto-diagnosis.
-Balanced wash system with fixed wash arms below and
rotating wash arms above.
-Clear entry height 420mm.
-Deep-drawn seamless hygiene tank in one piece with
external tank heating.
-Extensive filter system above the water level.
-Filter cassette to filter out course debris.
-WIHTec (Winterhalter indirect heating technology): The
heating element is entirely flush with the wash tank wall,
providing no place for dirt or lime scale to build up.
-Integrated self-cleaning program at a press of a button.
-Rack carrier designed to pivot upwards or be removed
-Easily removable wash arms.
-All equipment accessible from the front or side.
-Double-skinned hood design with maximum alleviation.
-Program start by closing hood.

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