Berkel 900 Series Semi Automatic Slicer Model 932
-Model 932 is a simple electronic control model; with
 an ergonomic design and easy operatation.
-This slicer is constructed from stainless steel, are fully CE
 and GS compliant.
-The carriage is either moved backward or forward
 automatically or the automatic drive of the carriage can be
 disengaged for manual operation.
-330mm Stainless steel knife.
-Knife remover (supplied with machine) provides robust
 use, and easy, safe, hygienic and thorough clean down.
-Two separate motors drive the knife and carriage,
 reducing wear on a single motor, and ensuring good slice
 performance as the knife rotates before the carriage is
-Variable slicing speeds of 25 – 55 slices per minute ensures
 the right speed is selected to guarantee the best possible
 quality slices.
-Ideal for independent retail food outlets, supermarkets
 and hypermarkets, food service, and semi-industrial
 processors for slicing cooked or cured meats, cheese,
 vegetables, and fruit where more automation is required
 compared to manual slicing in order to minimize invest
 ment and costs.

-Teflon coated

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