900 Range
A kitchen that is unparalleled in terms of dimensions and

performance. The 900 range is able to meet the production
requirements of any catering enterprise. An astounding
143 models, all designed with maximum modularity in
mind, solve all problems of space and make it possible to
tailor solutions to individual needs. Thanks to its rational
and ergonomic design, the 900 range enables chefs to stay
superbly in control in the kitchen, working efficiently and
unhindered. The 900 range HT: new solutions for
cantilever cooking system.

The 900 range is the most practical range: with the same
front module and overall design, it can be composed in
line, back-to-back and overhead, with all the 700 range
components, to make up any of a remarkable number of
The most complete, functional range: perfectly fitting
joints; top shelves on the same level; rounded edges;
low-profile flues; pressed steel tops with recessed profile;
completely closed rears.
The most reliable range: generous distribution of AISI 304
18/10 thick, finely satin-finished Stainless steel, select
functional components; rugged steel casts; vitreous enamelled
steel in areas where grime can carbonise.

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