Pizza Master® 700 series
With high performance and superior reliability, PizzaMaster
® ovens enable you to bake perfect pizzas even when the
rush is on. High output and optimum heat distribution and
the fact that they feature many smart and unique details
make them faster, more congenial and easier to use than
other ovens.
-Digital display.
-Turbo-start function.
-Three individually regulated heat zones per deck.
-Natural-clay hearths with crisping function.
-Dual anti-glare halogen lighting.
-Robust, see-through door.
-Robust ergonomic door handles.
-High, uniform heating capacity.
-Quick temperature recovery.
-Low energy consumption.
-Timer with manual shut-off alarm (only with digital
-Automatic timer with alarm (only with digital display).
-Retractable frontal unloading shelf.
-Additional equipment included as standard.

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