700 Range
The 700 range might be small, but it works just like the big ones!

The 700 range is the ideal kitchen solution for those faced
with major demands and limited space.
It lacks nothing, is versatile and highly reliable: just the
credentials needed to satisfy the productivity, quality and
service requirements of the most demanding customers.
It is unrivalled in its class: with 79 different fitting possibilities,
it enables a truly personalised solution and allows even
the smallest spaces of the kitchen to be used to their full
potential. Thanks to ergonomic design and the quality of
manufacturing materials used, the 700 range offers guaranteed
power, maximum functionality and superb durability.
The 700 range is: the most reliable range: generous
distribution of AISI 304 78170, Stainless steel, select
functional components; rugged steel casts; vitreous enamelled
steel in areas where grime can carbonise.

The most complete, functional range: perfectly fitting
joints; top shelves on the same level; rounded edges;
low-profile flues; pressed steel tops with recessed profile;
completely closed rears.

The most practical range: with the same front module and
overall design, it can be composed in line, back-to-back and
overhead, with all the 900 range components, to make up
any of a remarkable number of configurations.

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