125 Range
Slender, compact, highly professional: The 125 range steps
into the limelight as the kitchen with the perfect
credentials to play a starring role in top quality catering.
A product reflecting the deep-rooted manufacturing culture
of Mareno - whose products have been chosen by
top restaurants in Italy and throughout Europe for over
eighty years - the 125 range enhances creativity,
allowing chefs to prepare typical dishes from the finest
culinary traditions, perfectly in keeping with the eating
trends and styles of contemporary consumers.

The 125 range, available in solid block or bridged versions,
helps chefs in every aspect of their work.
Made of Stainless steel with extremely reliable components,
this is an ergonomic, functional island equipped
with the most advanced technology. With operation on
both sides, and a wide range of available equipment and
accessories, allows rational and personalised planning of
your cooking island, allowing you to derive even a greater
pleasure from creating superb dishes. The 125 range is
readily adaptable, even to kitchen of modest size.

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